Experienced & Dedicated Washington State Child Custody Attorneys

If you've been denied visitation or parenting time or are seeking to file for or modify custody, contact our experienced Washington State child custody attorneys to learn how we fight for you and your parental interests in your Washington, and interstate family and child custody matters.

We ensure the best possible resolution to your legal matter.

Child Custody

Washington State Child Custody, Visitation & Parenting Time Attorneys

Our skilled Washington State child custody attorneys at Remus Enterprises Law Group are experienced at fighting for our clients' rights in all aspects of their child custody matters including:

  • Child custody Matters in Washington State — How parenting time & custody is split between couples and to what degree each parent gets to make decisions about their child's life must be vigorously defended to protect your parental rights to ensure you're a part of your child's life. Call our Washington State child custody attorneys for a free consultation and learn how we protect your rights and parental interests during your child custody matter.
  • Washington Interstate & Across State Border Custody Agreements — If you and your child or your former spouse and child live in Washington and the other party lives in another state, our experienced Washington interstate custody attorneys efficiently protect your rights during custody disputes involving many states.
  • Filing for Sole Custody in Washington State — A number of factors determine whether one party receive sole custody over a child. In these types of matters, sole custody can be awarded to one parent due to abuse or the other parent is absent and doesn't see their children. If warranted, our child custody lawyers will ensure all factors involved will be a factor to provide you with full custody of your child.
  • Washington State Joint Custody Matters — Joint custody of a child in Washington State involves the sharing of parental time and custody between both parents. This division of parental responsibility is determined in the best interests of the child.
  • Washington State Physical Custody Matters — Physical custody of a child during a Washington State divorce involves determining where a child lives on a daily or weekly basis and can change depending on a number of factors. Our Washington State Child custody lawyers defend your child custody and visitation rights while ensuring you have fair and equal access to your children.
  • Washington State Grandparent Visitation & Custody— When grandparents aren't allowed access to their grandchildren, they can pursue visitation or custody in extreme circumstances. If you're a grandparent who is denied visitation rights your grandchild, contact us for a free consultation to learn how we can assist you.
  • Washington State Emergency Child Custody & Guardianship Attorneys — If you believe your child is in danger or unsuitable living conditions, contact our Washington State child custody attorneys immediately to learn how we can help protect your family.

With commitment and conviction, our Washington State child custody attorneys present strong arguments in support of arrangements that serve your best interests and those of your children while protecting your ability to be a part of you child's life.

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We don't let the other parent use your child as a pawn to manipulate you. You parental, custody & visitation rights and our child custody lawyers in Washington State enforce them.

Directly Serving Washington D.C., Alabama, Washington State & Maryland and have additional council across the country & internationally.

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Washington State Child Custody, Parental Time & Visitation Attorneys

Defending Custody & Parental Rights in Washington State

Whether you're seeking visitation, parenting time or are seeking joint or full custody, our Washington State child custody attorneys fight for your rights and defend the ability to be a part of your child's life.

Schedule a free child custody legal consultation with us to learn how we protect you, your family and your rights. Our child custody lawyers in Washington State understand how important family is and the need to be a part of your child's life as they grow.

Contact us immediately if you've been denied visitation, parenting time or the other parent is hiding the child from you, Our emergency custody attorneys in Washington are dedicated to keeping your family safe.

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Our Washington State Child Custody Attorneys have experience in all areas of Family Law Cases in Washington State

Contact our experienced & dedicated family law attorneys in Washington State to learn how we protect your rights & parental interests during your divorce, custody, support & paternity legal matters. Our Washington family lawyers bring your matter to a favorable resolution.

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