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We are a professional & experienced Business, Civil, Family, Estate & Criminal Law Firm that is dedicating to providing our clients the attention to detail their legal matter deserves.
Serving Clients in Washington D.C., Alabama & Maryland

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We are experienced legal professionals with extensive experience working with large law firms while devoting serving our family clients during difficult times.

about us

A Law Firm With with professional & personal experience

Our firm is, in many respects, similar to the clients and businesses we serve. With personal and professional relationships that we build, we ensure our clients and business partners receive what they need. Legal issues are often difficult and confusing, but an experienced attorney can review your concerns and recommend the most viable path forward.

Every business needs a chance to grow & a trusted advisor to help it happen.

We do what it takes for our clients. From contract creation, to construction disputes, we put you in the best possible position to succeed.

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Remus Law Group

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Give your legal matter the attention
it deserves.

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why us

Clients first

Our firm represents clients big and small. We represent every matter in the most efficient, affordable way possible.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys
Professional Attorneys

Our team of attorneys represent people and businesses In Washington DC, Maryland & Alabama, Our legal team services all legal areas. We handle all our manners in an efficient, effective, affordable & discrete manner.

Corporate Law Attorneys
clear workflow

We focus on attention to details & give our clients a clear understanding of where their matter is at any time. We pride ourselves on our communication & status with the appropriate parties in all our matters.

practice areas
Civil Litigation Lawyers
Impeccable record

We vigorously defend our clients and utilize every legal method at our disposal to accomplish your legal goals.

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