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Legal InsightsThe Impact of Civil Protection Orders on Fathers Seeking Joint Legal Custody
Solon Phillips
April 15, 2023

Civil protection orders, while designed to protect victims of abuse, can have unintended consequences for fathers who are seeking joint legal custody of their children. It is essential for fathers to be aware of the potential challenges and seek legal counsel immediately if a CPO has been filed against them. By doing so, they can safeguard their rights and work towards achieving a fair custody arrangement that benefits both them and their children.

Legal InsightsWhy it's Unethical and Unlawful for a Seller to Refuse to Release an Earnest Money Deposit When the Seller Suffered No Loss
Solon Phillips
April 28, 2023

Earnest money deposits are a crucial aspect of the real estate transaction process. They serve as a demonstration of a prospective buyer's good faith and commitment to purchasing a property. If the sale is successful, the deposit is typically applied towards the purchase price of the property. However, if a sale falls through, a seller may be entitled to retain the deposit as compensation for any losses they have suffered. But what happens when the seller suffered no losses, yet still refuses to release the deposit? This scenario is not only unethical, but also illegal.

Legal InsightsI Want My Babies Back: With the Lubins
Solon Phillips
March 1, 2023

Welcome back to the Legal Zone, the #legalpodcast where we take on injustice and dive deep into legal stories that matter. After a brief hiatus, we're thrilled to bring you another unbelievable story that you won't want to miss. In October 2019, Jennifer Lubins children were taken from her and placed in the care of her mother until March 2020, when child protective services accused Jennifer's mother of improper behavior.

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