Poverty Pimping

In this episode of the Legal Zone, we have another amazing episode & guest. Joining us today is Chris Williams and today we discuss equal protection and Mr. Williams' most recent issue Poverty Pimping, and exposing the behavior of systems that perpetuate racial inequality.

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Chris Williams is a public health researcher and an educator at the University of Maryland where he is pursuing a PHD in Behavioral and Community Health. His applied equity work has an emphasis on liberation philosophy that is situated in Washington D.C. and particularly in the Southwest neighborhood.  In a  previous episode, our guest focused on the Southeast neighborhood and Mr. Williams focuses on the Southwest neighborhood.

He spans public health research, legal writing and research, community organization policy analysis and news media. Mr. Williams is a dynamic community leader and policy analyst and a member of Washington DC’s Grassroots Coalition, one of the most influential voices on equity in Washington D.C. and also serves as Editor in Chief of Southwest Voice, the People’s Paper, DC’s only neighborhood based Social Justice news source.

They are currently supporting a fundraising campaign that’s going to help low income residents in Capital Park Plaza & Twins that are threatened by eroding affordability and displacement.

What is Equal Protection?

We hear this a lot but what does it actually mean?

Equal Protection is a guarantee under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution that a State must treat an individual or a class of individuals the same that it treats others.

A law may be fair and just on its face, but if the law is not applied equally to everyone, this is a violation of the equal protection clause.

You have a law, but if those in charge of enforcing the law, choose to enforce it on some, and not others, that is a violation of the equal protection clause.

Video Participants:

Attorney John Salatti

Dr. Arlena Cheney Attorney Solon Phillips

Attorney Chaim Steinberger

Chris Williams

You can learn more about Mr. Williams at www.manhattan-law.com and support the Southwest Voice at www.southwestvoicedc.com

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