TOPA: The Tenant Opportunity to Buy Act

In this episode of the Legal Zone, we have another amazing episode & guest. Joining us today is Chris Williams and today we discuss equal protection and Mr. Williams' most recent issue Poverty Pimping, and exposing the behavior of systems that perpetuate racial inequality.

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Solon Phillips, Esq
November 10, 2021

In this episode of the #LegalZone, we have with us another amazing guest.   In our last few shows we've talked about #gentrification, #housing and in our last episode, began discussing #landlordtenantissues and joining us today is Andrew McGuire to discuss #TOPA.

Also known as the Tenant Opportunity to Buy Act, this act gives tenants in the District of Columbia the right to purchase their home in the event that their landlord decides to sell the property.  While this is a primary benefit, the framers of the act had the intention to put tenants a better bargaining position when it comes time for their tenancy to come to an end when their landlord decides to sell.

Andrew Helps District of Columbia residents fight for their homes and his law firm has recovered millions of dollars for tenants due to TOPA. For assistance, contact Andrew through phone at 1-800-284-8672, his office at (202) 618-346 or through email at info@topamarket.comIf you'd like to send #thelegalzone questions, comments or are interested in becoming a guest, email us at

Join us for another incredible episode.

Video Participants:

Attorney John Salatti

Dr. Arlena Cheney

Attorney Solon Phillips

Attorney Andrew McGuire

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