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When you've received an injury or gotten an illness due to medical malpractice, our experienced Columbia medical malpractice attorneys fight to hold those responsible accountable and get you fair compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation to learn how our medical malpractice lawyers in Columbia protect your interests.

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Medical Malpractice

He protect your health and your rights during malpractice matters in Columbia

When you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice in Columbia or sustained injuries due to neglect, or misdiagnosis, our Columbia medical malpractice, neglect & injury attorneys fight for your rights and fair compensation. We have experience with all types of medical malpractice claims including:

  • Misdiagnosis Claims — When you're suffering from the consequences & injuries from a misdiagnosis for your injuries or illness in Columbia, our medical malpractice attorneys fight for proper treatment while holding those responsible, accountable. In cases of potential medical malpractice, its imperative your attorney acts quickly so all the details, medical files & evidence is preserved.
  • Failure to Treat & Negligence—Failure to diagnose an injury or illness can be caused by inattention, a rushed examination or improper training. These errors can cause a potentially serious condition to worsen, leaving lasting impacts on the patients life. If you have experienced a medical condition where proper care has been administered, it can leave you with lasting consequences, call our office and speak to our medical malpractice attorneys to learn your rights and how we defend your health.
  • Surgical Errors & Injury — In the medical profession, surgical errors are often called "never events" because these incidents are never meant to occur. From operating on the wrong area of a body, to leaving surgical instruments in the body, surgical errors can lead to pain, suffering and death. If you've been a victim of a surgical error, its imperative you seek an attorney with extensive experience representing clients who have received injuries from surgery.
  • Prescription & Medication Drug Errors — When you or a loved one has been affected by errors made by incorrectly filled prescriptions, administered drug dosages or due to wrong information regarding usage of a medication in Columbia, you suffer the consequences. You should not bear the costs, damages and loss due to prescription drug errors without compensation. Our Washington DC prescription error attorneys collaborate with medical experts and investigate your malpractice claim to establish the full and fair value of your case.
  • Medical Device Errors & Failure — While some medical device manufacturers and medical devices are protected from lawsuits, standards that medical device manufacturers must follow when creating a product, as well as how to properly label and warn of potential problems, but occasionally medical devices still reach the market with defects. If you're a victim of defective medical products and live in Columbia, it's possible to recover damages for you or a loved ones injury or wrongful death of a family member.
  • Postoperative Injuries & Negligence — While many patients are aware of the risks of surgery, few realize that negligence can result in injuries and death in the hours and days after surgery. The care a patient receives after surgery is just as crucial as the operation itself. One of the most dangerous postoperative risks is the risk of infection. From the immediate recovery and post-op evaluation to the long-term impacts of a post-op error, our firm will help you hold health care providers accountable for their negligence.
  • Hospital Malpractice & ER Errors — Regardless of the stress, emergency room staff members have a duty to avoid mistakes by not rushing or cutting corners when they treat a new patient. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed because of an emergency room error, our attorneys hold the at-fault party accountable.
  • Birth Injuries — Birth injuries not only have physical and emotional consequences but also have the potential to place a financial strain on the child’s family. When a birth injury is caused by the negligence of a doctor or another healthcare provider, the family may be able to recover compensation for these costs through a birth injury lawsuit. If your child has been injured at birth, contact our firm to learn your rights and how we can protect for family.

Every year, there are thousands of victims of medical malpractice and most of these instances are preventable.

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When you've sustained an illness or injury do to medical malpractice, we help you and your family receive fair compensation.

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Columbia Medical Malpractice, Neglect & Injury Attorneys

Hospital, ER & Doctor Mistreatment & Neglect Claims in Columbia

When you suffer from the consequences of a medical or surgery injury or illness, you have injuries that can potentially last a lifetime. Our Columbia malpractice & neglect attorneys fight for your treatment while protecting your interests for years to come.

In cases of potential medical malpractice claims in Columbia, its imperative your attorney acts quickly so all the details, medical files & evidence is preserved.

We defend your rights and your health while getting you the treatment and compensation you deserve.

Additional legal services

Our experienced Columbia medical malpractice attorneys get your the compensation you deserve while holding those responsible accountable.

Whether you've been involved in a car accident, workplace injury, or a victim of medical malpractice, our aggressive and experienced Columbia personal injury attorneys ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries. Schedule a free consultation with our Columbia personal injury attorneys today.

U.S. EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visas

If you own a business, property or are looking to travel to the United States for new work opportunities, our experienced immigration attorneys facilitate & actively manage your immigration legal needs to efficiently reach your immigration legal goals. Schedule a free immigration consultation today.

Purchasing Commercial Interests in the United States
Child Custody

Contact our child custody & parental rights attorneys to learn how we are aggressive advocates who protect your custody, visitation & parenting time rights and your parental interests. Schedule a free consultation to learn our parental rights & child custody lawyers defend your family.

Filing for Sole, Joint & Physical Custody
Workers' Compensation

If you've been injured on the job, your wages & future health are uncertain. Whether you experienced a minor injury or are severely injured and incapacitated, contact our Workers' Compensation attorneys as soon as possible so we can preserve evidence. We aggressively defend your rights and get you the treatment and compensation you deserve. Schedule a free workers' comp consultation to learn how we fight for you.

Compensation For Long-Term Injuries & Workplace Illnesses
Breach of Contract

Our breach of contract & contract dispute attorneys aggressively defend your personal & business contracts. We help clients resolve the disputes that arise out of contracts, commitments and agreements. For business owners, it is essential to know what to do if you entered a contract and things haven’t turned out the way you expected. Contact our contract dispute lawyers for a free consultation to learn how we aggressively protect your contracts & agreements.

Efficiently & Effectively Handling Breach of Contract Matters
Family Mediation

At Remus Enterprises Law Group, our trained, experienced and impartial attorneys offer mediation services to parties and people who seek to resolve disputes without litigation. If you're going through divorce, have a contract issue, or want to settle a property conflict, mediation gives you control over the legal process.

Mediation helps preserve relationships
Business Litigation

At Remus Enterprises Law Group, our business, corporate & commercial litigation attorneys assist business owners and corporate boards in civil trials and federal courts as well as in alternative dispute resolution. We provide skilled advocacy in a wide range of cases, tackling conflicts with confidence.

Defending Corporate & Commercial Interests
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