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Legal InsightsWhat's This LP About? All About the Lis Pendens
Solon Phillips, Esq
February 27, 2020

Many people have asked, so what’s this lis pendens about? This article will answer the question. And if you’ve never heard the words lis pendens before, well, read this article and you will know exactly what it is if and when you do hear it. And if you’re in real estate, then you will hear it or you should hear it.

Legal InsightsLegal Consultations During Coronavirus concerns
Solon Phillips, Esq
March 15, 2020

We want to assure our clients that Remus Law is doing everything we can to mitigate risks from the Coronavirus. We can handle legal consultations, questions, document review and other legal services by phone.

Legal InsightsWhen Someone Goes Through A Divorce
Solon Phillips, Esq
March 8, 2021

When someone goes through a divorce, they lose their best friend. They lose there house, they lose their children. Anytime away from your child is a loss. Less face it, divorce kills. The average cost for a divorce in the United States is $13,000 dollars but It's not uncommon for divorce to cost well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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