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Legal InsightsDefamation & Influencers with Attorney Raees Mohamed
Solon Phillips, Esq
April 18, 2022

In our latest episode of the Legal Zone, joining us today is Attorney Raees Mohamed to discuss defamation, influencers, internet harassments & false statements. Join us as we explore this topic & the legal grounds that surround online influencers

Legal InsightsChris Rock v. Will Smith with Prof. Winston
Solon Phillips, Esq
April 4, 2022

Welcome to another episode of the Legal Zone. Joining our panel is Dr. Winston to discuss civil & criminal suits and slap heard around the world.

Real EstateCommercial Property Tax Appeals
Solon Phillips, Esq
March 24, 2021

If your company rents or owns a commercial property, especially in the uncertain economic times of today, any amount saved, even just a small one, on your property taxes can be a big help. Luckily, there is a process that property owners can use that may result in lower commercial property taxes, especially if you've never filed an appeal before.


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