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Business Law Articles and Videos4 Ways To Succeed as an Entrepreneur
December 16, 2021

Entrepreneurs have a lot going on in their daily lives, so they must find ways to maximize their effectiveness. Presented by Remus Law Group, below are four tips to help business owners focus on what is important and surround themselves with quality tools and employees.

Family Law Articles and VideosUnderstanding Child Support Matters in Maryland

Child support is a legal duty in Maryland. However, you may have several questions about child support in Maryland, such as when child support is required, how child support is calculated, what is required in child support, and how to adjust child support. In this article, you will find what you need to know about child support laws in Maryland. 

Family Law Articles and VideosHow to Divide Property During an Alabama Divorce

In this article, we will answer your Alabama divorce questions, including “How is property divided in an Alabama divorce?”, “What is considered marital property in Alabama?”, “What is commingled property?” and “Can a Divorcing Couple Divide Their Own Property?” If you have any other questions about Alabama divorce law, feel free to let us know or reach out to talk about your specific situation. 

Legal InsightsDetermining Child Custody in Maryland

Child custody cases are emotional and personal. Knowing your legal rights and the options for child custody can simplify and calm the complex process. If you have questions regarding child custody in Maryland, this article will address several key elements of child custody laws in Maryland. Read on to find out how child custody is determined, types of child custody, what is “best interest” of a child, and how to change child custody in Maryland. 

Legal InsightsWhy it's Unethical and Unlawful for a Seller to Refuse to Release an Earnest Money Deposit When the Seller Suffered No Loss

Earnest money deposits are a crucial aspect of the real estate transaction process. They serve as a demonstration of a prospective buyer's good faith and commitment to purchasing a property. If the sale is successful, the deposit is typically applied towards the purchase price of the property. However, if a sale falls through, a seller may be entitled to retain the deposit as compensation for any losses they have suffered. But what happens when the seller suffered no losses, yet still refuses to release the deposit? This scenario is not only unethical, but also illegal.

Family Law Articles and VideosCapitol Hill Harassment, Detainment & IIED

In this episode of the Legal Zone, we speak with Veronica Baugh, a master barber about her experience that involves #capitolhill, #harassment, #detainment and IIED; intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Legal InsightsNavigating Washington DC Divorce Laws

Planning a divorce in Washington DC? As many people can tell you, a divorce can be an emotional and stressful process, so getting your questions answered early will make you feel more prepared for the process ahead. In this article, we will answer the most important questions related to divorce in Washington DC to make sure you’re prepared on what is ahead. 

Real Estate Law Articles and VideosCommercial Property Tax Appeals

If your company rents or owns a commercial property, especially in the uncertain economic times of today, any amount saved, even just a small one, on your property taxes can be a big help. Luckily, there is a process that property owners can use that may result in lower commercial property taxes, especially if you've never filed an appeal before.

Legal InsightsWhat's This LP About? All About the Lis Pendens and Context

Many people have asked, so what’s this lis pendens about? This article will answer the question. And if you’ve never heard the words lis pendens before, well, read this article and you will know exactly what it is if and when you do hear it. And if you’re in real estate, then you will hear it or you should hear it.

Business Law Articles and VideosLegal Matter Update 1

In this episode, joining us again is Mahdi Shabazz to provide an #update on his ongoing legal matter involving #soverignimmunity and false claims leading to him being labeled as a registered sex offender in Maryland. NSFW

Family Law Articles and VideosWrongfully Labeled a Sex Offender

In this weeks' episode of the Legal Zone, we have a #legalstory that involves false claims that have led our guest to being wrongfully labeled as a registered sex offender in #maryland and for 11 years has been fighting his legal injustice. NSFW.

Legal InsightsTypes of Medical Malpractice Claims

In this article, we will break down several different types of medical malpractice claims. When involved in a medical injury claim, it is important to understand which type of medical malpractice claim is being made. We will breakdown the types of medical malpractice claims, such as misdiagnosis claims, injuries from workers’ compensation, negligence, prescription and medication drug errors, and Hospital Malpractice.

Legal InsightsTOPA: The Tenant Opportunity to Buy Act

Also known as the Tenant Opportunity to Buy Act, this act gives tenants in the District of Columbia the right to purchase their home in the event that their landlord decides to sell the property. While this is a primary benefit, the framers of the act had the intention to put tenants a better bargaining position when it comes time for their tenancy to come to an end when their landlord decides to sell.

Legal InsightsSex in the Massage Parlor

Joining us today is our client, Devon Medley. She is going through a legal situation that involved a message therapist contractor act on inappropriate relations with one of her business' clients. After further investigation, it was found that the massage therapists' client initiated relations. The therapist went through the process of acting on what the client initiated outside the scope of her practice. Join us as we discuss another amazing legal matter.

Legal InsightsReligion and Violence with Joyce & Stephen Singular

In this episode of the #LegalZone, joining us again is investigative journalist Stephen Singular with his wife, Joyce. In our last episode we discussed free speech media responsibility, and media bias and in today's episode we'll be discussing another fundamental right, the freedom to practice religion along with topics from Stephen's new book, When Men Become Gods.

Legal InsightsLegacy of Deception with Guest Journalist Stephen Singular

In this episode of the Legal Zone, we have another amazing guest. With us is renowned journalist Stephen Singular and he will be joining us as we discuss free speech, responsibilities of the press and a legacy of bias and deception by the media.

Legal InsightsWhat is the Difference a Great Lawyer Can Make?

In this episode, Chaim discusses what should you pay attention to when hiring an attorney for your #legalneeds.Your attorney needs to know their stuff, however arrogance & ego to cover for a lack of knowledge is seen throughout various legal fields and is something to try and observe before you hire representation. Your lawyer should have a commitment to their client with a genuine dedication, concern, empathy & care for succeeding. We all know what lawyers do, they even sound alike. All attorneys are taught how to shake hands, act in court and the rules of professional responsibility for all lawyers is the same All lawyers do the same thing. Should be knowledgeable in the subject in which they're representing. Join us and listen in as we discuss the attorneys and the level of service they should provide for every client.

Legal InsightsWhen Someone Goes Through A Divorce

When someone goes through a divorce, they lose their best friend. They lose there house, they lose their children. Anytime away from your child is a loss. Less face it, divorce kills. The average cost for a divorce in the United States is $13,000 dollars but It's not uncommon for divorce to cost well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Family Law Articles and VideosUnderstanding the Silent Child Custody Killer! A Love Letter to all Parents

Do not underestimate the power of a civil protection order! Many states of laws that state any parent who has a civil protection order against him (or her) is not fit to have custody of his (or her) child. In this article, we discuss how even inflammatory texts can lead to the loss of custody & parental rights and create an uphill battle to seeing your children.

Family Law Articles and VideosWhen Oral Child Custody Agreements Aren't Met

In this episode of the legal zone, we have another ongoing and unique legal matter that includes child custody, paternity and parenting laws in Washington DC.When a child is born out of wedlock in Washington DC, if a mother is married and the child is born, regardless if the child is born in or out of wedlock, the married father is determined to be on the birth certificate.

Legal InsightsPoverty Pimping

In this episode of the Legal Zone, we have another amazing episode & guest. Joining us today is Chris Williams and today we discuss equal protection and Mr. Williams' most recent issue Poverty Pimping, and exposing the behavior of systems that perpetuate racial inequality.

Family Law Articles and VideosWhat Are The Dangers of a Civil Protective Order?

In this episode of the Legal Zone, we speak with Amir, a man who is going through a story that you can’t imagine is happening and cannot believe. Before a civil protection order was filed, Amir and the mother of his 2 children were involved in the #muslimdivorce process with reciprocal child custody arrangements. After some time, however, the attitudes and actions of the mother changed which led to the filing & implementation of a CPO, an interfamily offense which when implemented by a court, creates a presumption that you’re unfit and can no longer can share joint custody.

Legal InsightsEmployment Discrimination with Abdul Kargbo

On today's episode of the Legal Zone we have another amazing episode where we tackle #employmentdiscrimination. With us today is Abdul Kargbo, an addiction counselor. He's here to discuss his legal matter where he was terminated from his position as a social worker. Join us as we discuss his termination and subsequent lawsuit due to not being from the same culture as new employees being hired.

Legal InsightsGetting Away With Pedophilia

Joining us is Mindy Corbett, and in our show, she shares her heartbreaking story about her daughter, a minor in an inappropriate relationship with the accused. The accused hired a South Carolina State Senator to represent him. In 2021 South Carolina, State Senators were granted Absolute Protection where Senators on certain committees can't be compelled to go to court due to sovereign immunity.

Family Law Articles and VideosHow the State Gets a Child Custody Decision Wrong

In the latest episode of the Legal Zone, we have another incredible legal story from our client. It's an amazing, powerful and sad story. Our client, Anthony Dennison had his children taken away by the State and has faced an uphill fight against state officials, bad decisions and unjust rulings.

Legal InsightsUnjust Enrichment From a Real Estate Home Repair Contract

In this episode of The Legal Zone, we have another real #legalstory by our clients you won't believe. We speak with our client and defendant Vivian Tymus in a legal matter who is currently involved in a real estate contract matter due to the passing of her late husband, a contractor.

Family Law Articles and VideosThe Fight for Sole Custody as a Surviving Parent

We have a client going through a serious child custody legal matter and we sit with him to discuss the facts related to his ongoing, complex #childcustody legal matter. Antonio Marsh is a father of two children. Before his children’s mother passed away in 2019 in a car accident, Antonio had negotiated parental rights outside of court that were contingent on negotiated support payments between the two of them. When the mother passed away, her mother, the grandmother of the children fought Antonio, the surviving biological parent, until the grandmother, AND his former attorney passed away. This is when the mother’s sister (aunt) files to intervene to get custody of his daughters and the story doesn't end there.

Legal InsightsLarceny By Trick

In this episode of The Legal Zone, we speak with our legal client, Kassandra Irwin. We discuss her story involving larceny by trick.In previous episodes, we've discussed larceny, false imprisonment & wrongful arrest and in this episode's teachable moments we discuss larceny by trick.

Legal InsightsParental Kidnapping

In this episode of the Legal Zone we have another real legal story you won't believe. Our client Malachi Bolds and his story involving parental kidnapping with his former spouse and their biological child. Join as we listen to this incredible legal story.

Family Law Articles and VideosTheft and Larceny to Wrongful Arrest & Malicious Prosecution

In this episode of #thelegalzone we speak with our legal client, Athena Phillips who is currently involved in an ongoing legal matter that must be heard to be believed that involves theft and larceny charges and missing facts. These ultimately lead to a wrongful arrest, prosecutorial misconduct, and malicious prosecution.

Legal InsightsRetaliation For Whistleblowing On A Local Level

In this episode of the Legal Zone we have another amazing guest with another #legalstory you won't believe. Joining us today is Antoine Bruce, our client and today we will be discussing his legal matter involving retaliation, whistleblowing, stalking, & more.

Legal InsightsTruths About Gentrification With Aristotle Theresa

In this episode of the Legal Zone, we have another amazing guest. Joining us is Aristotle Theresa, a civil rights attorney focusing on zoning and administrative law and a Principal at Stoop Law. Stoop Law, located in the Anacostia neighborhood of South East Washington, D.C. has pioneered gentrification laws leading to the adjustment of best practices in the D. C. office of planning and for land developers.

Legal InsightsIllegal Evictions with Attorney William Merrifield

In this episode of the Legal Zone, joining us is Attorney William Merrifield to discuss illegal evictions. When a landlord and a tenant enter a lease, right off the top, the landlord promises that neither he, nor anyone else will interfere with the tenant’s lawful possession. This is called the covenant of quiet enjoyment.

Legal InsightsBlack History with Minister Vandehorst

In the latest episode of The Legal Zone, joining us today for our first guest during Black History Month is Minister Kwame Ronnie Vandehorst. He is the Cofounder of Prepare our Youth based in Washington, D.C. and has written 8 books and is in the process of writing 5 more. Today, he will be joining our panel to discuss some of the injustices Black men have experienced over the years.

Legal InsightsInjustice in the Black Church with Dr. Craig Coates

In this episode of the Legal Zone, Dr. Craig Coates joins us as our guest with special guest Recording Artist Paul Heflin opening our show with a song. Our topic for today deals with The Separation of Church and State. While the separation of Church and State isn’t in the Constitution, the phrase, Separation of the Church and State was initially coined by Thomas Jefferson. The Establishment However, the Establishment Clause in the Constitution says the government, nor states would ever set up a church or interfere with church affairs. That’s the separation.

Legal InsightsInjustices in Haiti With Sophie Dessources

We've had an amazing series of shows & guest for Black History Month and today, while we are aware that injustices don't just happen in our home, backyards, and our country, we see now that there are international wars going on and know that international injustices happen. In this episode of the Legal Zone, we're going to focus on injustices that are happening outside of our country. Sophie Dessauraos from Haiti, joins us to educate us on the country and the injustice their country as a whole, has suffered.

Legal InsightsStealing from the Mouth of Babes w/ Charmaine Salandy

In this episode of the legal Zone, legal client Charmaine Salandy joins us to discuss her ongoing legal matter involving what happens when a rogue family member decides to skip all legal processes after her mother passed away intestate, or without a will and sold assets before the probate process began. Join us as we discuss this incredible story.

Legal InsightsImmigration Visas to America

Welcome to another edition of the Legal Zone, the podcast where we tackle injustice. We have another great show with 2 Bob Babanian and Joseph Barr joining us to discuss immigrant visas & non-immigrant visas, and immigration laws.

Legal InsightsChris Rock v. Will Smith with Prof. Winston

Welcome to another episode of the Legal Zone. Joining our panel is Dr. Winston to discuss civil & criminal suits and slap heard around the world.

Legal InsightsDefamation & Influencers with Guest Attorney Raees Mohamed

In our latest episode of the Legal Zone, joining us today is Attorney Raees Mohamed to discuss defamation, influencers, internet harassments & false statements. Join us as we explore this topic & the legal grounds that surround online influencers

Legal InsightsSpecific Performance with Emmanuel Martin

Hello, and welcome again to the #LegalZone, the blog and podcast where we tackle injustice. In our latest episode, we have another amazing guest and #realestate #legalstory. Joining our panel is Emmanuel Martin and today, we'll be discussing #Specificperformance, #lispendens, and #propertyinterests and more. Listen in as we discuss real legal matters, your rights and more.

Legal InsightsFather's Rights Revisit with Amir Barulich

Unfortunately, fathers have a more difficult time getting custody of their children. In today's episode, rejoining us is Amire Barulich to revisit his parental rights and custody case. Join our panel as we discuss this real custody matter, father's rights, the factors courts may consider when determining what's in the best interest of the child and what happens when one parent usurps authority of the other parent.

Legal InsightsConsumer Rights Protection w/Atty Judson Crump

Welcome again to the Legal Zone, the law podcast where we tackle injustice. In today's episode, we're going to discuss consumer rights and consumer protection laws to protect the consumer. Joining our panel is attorney Judson Crump to discuss how these laws supersede contract terms and how merchants can be held liable for violating consumer protection laws through omissions, unfair or deceptive practices.

Legal InsightsThe Impact of Civil Protection Orders on Fathers Seeking Joint Legal Custody

Civil protection orders, while designed to protect victims of abuse, can have unintended consequences for fathers who are seeking joint legal custody of their children. It is essential for fathers to be aware of the potential challenges and seek legal counsel immediately if a CPO has been filed against them. By doing so, they can safeguard their rights and work towards achieving a fair custody arrangement that benefits both them and their children.

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